A correction in the Christian doctrine would be sufficient so no animal suffers anymore!

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A nun who happily killed a deer!

The time will come when crimes against animals will be viewed as seriously as crimes against humans.  Leonardo da Vinci

Complete the words withheld from the Christian teaching, so that the animal no longer needs to suffer and gets its legitimate rights


It has finally been proven that the New Testament is an expediently altered plagiarism of the Gospel of the Essenes.  This means the Gospel of the Essenes is beyond all doubt older than the New Testament and therefore obviously the original Gospel.  However, the Vatican keeps this Gospel locked away.  Hence this demand presented to the Pope that this Gospel be made available to the public.  

Professors from the US have confirmed that the study proves the authenticity of the Gospel of the Essenes.


The Gospel of the Essenes condemns the killing and exploitation of animals for their flesh and decries consumption of meat as the greatest sin a person can commit against his body and soul, equivalent to a curse upon oneself.

Christian doctrine describes animals as lacking a soul and inferior, thus encouraging humans to treat animals with brutality and eat their flesh.  Christian doctrine does not consider this attitude and behavior as sinful, hence of no consequence before God.  With the revelation of the Gospel of the Essenes, which is proven to be the true Gospel, people would finally learn that the torture and killing of animals is an anathema before God, just as crimes against humans. 

Through this petition the Vatican will be compelled to deal with the proof and facts presented by the document and to take a position or dispute the evidence.  Supported by 20,000 signatures the petition would receive attention by the press, such that the Vatican could not ignore this petition with regard to the document.

Truth is similar to light and life: no one can keep it captive forever. J.Joan

The public release of this document is the key to freedom for animals.

The treatise that proves the authenticity of the Gospel of the Essenes can be obtained in english free of charge through: