Mount Isa City Council please don't implement your new water charge scheme

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The new water charge scheme will mean a dramatic increase to residents and businesses water charges and has the potential to turn Mount Isa into a dust bowl.

This may work for other councils, but they are not living in a high lead region, where we are dependant on residents keeping their lawns green to ensure a healthy lifestyle for families.

Under the new scheme residents will pay $1956.50 (20 mm water meter) and $2592.50 (25 mm water meter) for 950 kL.  Last year 950 kL was charged at $1,650.

Residents also lose the 50 kL of free water for waterpaths.

This new scheme actually targets and will hurt families the most.

Mount Isa residents would like this scheme voted out please.


Breakdown of figures  

20 mm water meter

$1130 access charge + $826.50 (0.87 x 950 kL Usage) = $1,956.50

25 mm water meter

$1766 access charge + $826.50 +( 0.87 x 950 kL Usage) = $2,592.50

For more information go to the Council's Factsheet on charges.