Compel the Western Brown School Board to change the unfair valedictorian policy

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Western Brown High School has a policy that to be considered for the honor of valedictorian a student must take 75% of their high school classroom instruction from a Western Brown Employee. The state of Ohio has a program called College Credit Plus, that is managed by the local school systems, that allows students starting in the 7th grade to take college classes, if they can pass the college entrance test. 

The problem, in short, is if a student participates in the CCP program especially in the 7th, 8th and 9th grades it is very difficult, if not impossible, to meet the 75% threshold. This is a problem for my daughter, Rosie, she currently is the #1 student in the class of 2020. She started in the program in the 8th grade, the first year the program was offered, and she is at around 72% Western Brown instruction and therefore will not even be considered for valedictorian. The school offers CCP classes taught by WB staff but those are only availabel to 10-12 graders. When Rosie took a few classes in the 9th grade she was forced off campus which is the root of the problem. When we signed her up in the 8th grade it was nearly impossible to gauge the impact of taking an off campus CCP class in the pre-high school years because there is no way to know class availability, schedule, etc later on. I thought this was just a simple oversight, a left-over rule from before the College Credit Plus program, and that if I just pointed out how unfair this is, the rule would be quickly changed. No other surrounding schools, that I could find the info for, has a similar rule. Most actually take the college classes into account in a way that includes them. We've met with the school board and they have refused to change the rule. This rule is a slap in the face to my daughter and all the future Western Brown academically, high achieving students and they shouldn't have to choose whether to participate in the program or be valedictorian..