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Compel pounds (esp Taree Pound) to work with animal rescue groups, limit PTS.

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We ask that:

  • local councils help us save lives and reduce the number of companion animals that are Put To Sleep (PTS). 
  • all council pounds/ animal shelters be compelled to work with rescue groups to give companion animals a second chance.  
  • specifically, no animal is PTS without giving rescues a chance to help with at least 48 hours notice of the animal being placed on the critical list. 

There are many rescue groups Australia wide who are prepared to rescue and re-home animals from local pounds (kill shelters) where the animal is at risk of PTS if not saved or adopted. It seems to depend on the ranger at the local pound/animal shelter if they  will work with local or online rescue groups. So many animals are PTS despite the work of rescue groups to save animals (with or without 16d).

Many volunteer rescue groups each have in excess of 10,000 Facebook followers Australia-wide. Members of these groups and other caring members following them on Facebook offer to cover rescue transport costs through pledges. Once rescue or save is confirmed we pay pledges (donations) to cover, at a minimum, transport costs and / or vet fees to enable the rescued animal to quickly be placed in short term care or a permanent home.

In the lead up to Christmas pounds are full and rescue groups are busy but still we read of animals PTS despite rescue interest and pledging of money to save the animal.  Sadly we also hear of animal PTS without giving us a chance to save.

On Monday 18 December 2017 the 10,573 people following the Australian rescue group Pound Rescue were advised of the actions of Taree Pound who put down three young, healthy re-homable dogs. They did not reach out to rescues that this was happening. One was a beloved family member, Dox, this is his picture. 

extract from Pound Rescue 'WE ARE THE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS if we don't speak for them who will! Our loyalty will always lie with these innocent creatures, that's is why we are a rescue, that is why we do what we do. If councils won't work with us because we tell it like it is, then it is them that needs to be exposed. This system is wrong and we will never accept this is how it works. There is always another way, a simple phone call to the rescues on board would have seen these 3 safe. Somehow, some way we would have found a way to save these poor babies. Now they are gone forever, nothing can change that, but we are not about to pretend that it didn't happen, they deserve so much more from us. Why didn't they reach out to rescues? These dogs were perfectly rehomeable, all young & healthy, all passed their temp tests. Did we know this tragedy was about to happen? NO we didn't. We are sick of staying quiet with the threat that Pounds won't work with us if we speak up.'

We know there are many pounds where rangers and staff care about what happens to all the animals that arrive at the pound. They will work closely with rescue to save these animals. A good example is Yass Valley Animal Shelter - they re-homed, returned to owner or released to rescue 100% of all dogs that came into the pound.  (For this pound cats go straight to rescue).

This is the outcome we want all pounds to achieve.

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