Mazzoni Center: Supporting Staff Call To Action!

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It’s been over a year since the resignations of Nurit Shein as CEO of Mazzoni Center and Dr. Robert Winn, the former Medical Director and the culture of retaliation, anti-Black racism and targeting has continued at Mazzoni Center. WE stated around the hiring and onboarding of the current CEO Lydia Gonzalez Sciarrino that the process by which she was selected was not transparent nor community-rooted as had been demands of both front-line staff and community. This action of hiring someone without any knowledge of community needs and without lived experience precipitated a series of bad decisions that lead to a staff walk-out after the firing of Mazzoni’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion and a petition of 82 front-line staff which states that over half of the employees have “no confidence” in the current leadership of Mazzoni Center.

As we have stated before, this is an organizational crisis that can only be addressed by reframing how institutions that serve community function. Our call for cooperatively-run institutions isn’t just an idea it is how to shift from misleadership and reduce the harm that the current gatekeepers are causing on an already distressed organization.

There is no doubt that the board of directors as a whole and the senior leadership of Mazzoni is not just incapable of leading but their governance also betrays the very mission of providing “quality comprehensive health and wellness services” because their negligence lead to an environment that allowed perpetual sexual assault, workplace violence and uneven accountability and egregious acts of discrimination. This creates an environment that isn’t able to provide the kind of critical services to the most marginalized in our community. That means that Black and Brown trans community members, poz patients and disabled patients are entering a space that is becoming less intentional and not a safe(r) for care.

Lastly, we stand in solidarity with front-line staff demands as outlined in  the “Call To Action” petition.

Because of this we demand the following:

The immediate resignations of the following:
Lydia Gonzalez Sciarrino, CEO
Ron Powers, COO
Patricia Dunne, Director of Human Resources
Larry Benjamin, Director of Communications
Perry Monastero, Director of Development
Christopher Pope, Board President

MANDATORY ANTI-Oppression trainings by an agency that front-line staff collectively vote (majority vote) to hire to lead this work.     

Routinized assessments/audits of Board activities and a compliance officer to ensure the board adheres to BYLAWS and all applicable laws.

Reinstatement of Kay Martinez as Director of Diversity and Inclusion

These DEMANDS were informed by staff current/past, patients and the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative


            The Community & Black and Brown Workers Cooperative