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Expose the murderers of the cat companion of an institutionalized man.

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A cat was recently euthanized in Maine after the man who was this cat's companion was institutionalized. The city officials were tasked with caring for his property which they decided included this cat called Caterpillar. That "care" was to euthanize this cat. The full news story is linked below. Please share this with people who live in Maine or who know people living in Maine. This is a petition to bring action within the community. The state will not provide justice. These murderers will go free, but you can using legal methods help their community never forget what they did.

We cannot only work for human rights. This cat deserves justice. Anything less is complacence to murder, and diminishes the significance of this cat's life. We cannot afford as a society to be complacent to this. We must build the world we seek consistently when we say that we stand to bring justice to injustice anywhere.

  • This petition will be sent to the people and communities near and dear to these murderers so that they will know these people as the murderers that they are.
  • It will be sent to their employers.
  • It will be a call to action for nonviolent protesting by people in their community near their places of work to expose them to their co-workers and inspire their employers to fire them.
  • It will be a call to action for their local newspapers to expose them.

You can efficiently make a difference, but doing more than just signing this petition is necessary. You are called to do your own work legally and play the part you can in the efforts listed above or other lawful efforts that you deem more strategic. The following information is needed and will be published in this petition:

  • The name, city of residence, name of the department worked in, and role of everyone responsible for this murder
  • Announcements about efforts people need help with in these people's communities that need to be publicized

Please email information obtained to

This petition is not created with the intention of acting illegally or inspiring illegal action. Lawful action is recommended as a most strategically viable method to seek justice in this situation as best we can. It is a call to state clearly that this injustice is not to be tolerated, to state clearly that these murderers should face justice in our legal system that they will not receive, and to demand a change in laws anywhere that such a murder is legalized and conducted by the United States Government.

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