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Save the birthplace of the 'Fair Go' and Australia's oldest Town Square!

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On Tuesday 16th January RMS workers uncovered more of the brick barrel drain structure when they had the silt pumped out of the sump, revealing the first pictures of its internal structure.

This is what local’s are referring to when they talk about the legendary “Smuggler’s Tunnels”. Commissioned in 1814, they are the earliest known example of this type of infrastructure in the country.

This is what will be destroyed when the Berejiklian Government builds a bridge that dumps increasing amounts of traffic into intersections that will be beyond capacity when the bridge opens.


The legacy of those who built our nation is under threat.

In Windsor NSW, Australia’s oldest country town the NSW Government is planning to bulldoze a high, wide 21st century road and concrete bridge through historic Thompson Square, the country’s oldest public square. It was the events in this Square that saved the early colony, and allowed it to grow into the nation we have today. Remnants of those events dating back to 1795 remain today - but not for long.

Thompson Square was also the birthplace of the 'Fair Go’, where the actions of Governor Macquarie to raise an ex-convict above the status of a King saw the birth of the egalitarian principles that underpin the greatest of Australian ideals. Its significance to all Australians is undeniable.

Even more alarming, Aboriginal artefacts dating back over 30,000 years are about to be destroyed.

There is a solution, and it is easy, but the NSW Government is not listening.

We call on Minister Frydenberg to immediately place an Emergency National Heritage Listing on Thompson Square, to protect the precious heritage that is about to be lost, so it is protected for all Australians and the generations to come.

Our precious heritage is too important to lose for a bridge which even the NSW RMS admits won’t fix traffic and every heritage authority in Australia has condemned.

Thompson Square belongs to all of us and it needs to be protected!

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