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Investigate if Abbott PM illegally stood for parliament as a Dual Citizen

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The law must be applied equally to all Australians if the general population is to respect the institution of the State.  Section 44 of the Australian Constitution is clear when it says:

Dual nationality is considered an acknowledgement of allegiance and entitled to the privileges of citizenship of a foreign power disqualifies people from standing for parliament.

The National Archives of Australia refused to make Abbott's record public even though this is public for all other citizens.  A FOI request to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has also been blocked.  Moreover, the UK Border Office, have stated they are unwilling to reveal if they have the required Form RN.  This form is titled the ‘Declaration of Renunciation of British Citizenship, British Overseas Citizenship, British Overseas Territories, British National (Overseas) Or British Subject Status’. 

Therefore there are three sources of circumstantial evidence that no form exists.  The Commonwealth Ombudsman is requested to verify if the denial of FOI applications has been justified.  Also the AFP needs to verify if Abbott’s dual citizenship has been renounced to ensure that Section 44 of the Constitution has been upheld.  The full story behind these events is available at -,6866

Section 44 has been strictly applied in the past. In 1996, Jackie Kelly was forced to face a by-election after being found to have been elected holding both Australian and New Zealand citizenship. Employment Minister Senator Eric Abetz appears to have been elected to the Senate holding dual German and Australian citizenship before finally renouncing his citizenship after a High Court action has been commenced against him.

The people of Australia request that the AFP immediately investigate if Abbott still holds Dual Citizenship and to make the findings public.

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