Suspend Cameroon from the Commonwealth. Stop the inhuman treatment of prodemocracy leaders

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For the past 7 months citizens of former British Cameroons have been in jail in Yaounde Cameroon for preaching values of the Commonwealth and good governance. This pro democracy advocates include top Human rights advocates like Barrister Agbor Balla, University Lecturer Dr. Fontem Neba elected representatative of lecturers of the university of Buea, Justice AYAH Paul who happened to be the only SUPREME COURT JUDGE from Southern Cameroons, Macho BIBIXY a youth leader and radio announcer.
Journalists like ATIA AZONGWEI, TILARIOUS amongst others are also in jail facing possible execution through a death penalty.
Students of the Universities of Buea and Bamenda alongside secondary school students and teachers continue to be in jail. Reports equally talk of over 150 young people that can not be accounted for. Worthy of note is the fact that these innocent citizens have been denied bail and their families and friends continue to go through emotional torture and harassment from the government.
These events have seen schools and courts shut down in Former British Cameroon and our towns have continuously become militarised and people face this terror every day. Businesses are not running and the people barely have food on the table.
With the recent burning of schools and properties, continues hate speech propagated by government we fear our people could be radicalised and a possible Rwanda in the making.
That is why we CALL on your high Office to call the Cameroonian authority to order and suspend them from the commonwealth.
A referendum is what we think will help our people decide what kind of future they want.
We however will not hesitate to attend a meeting with your office and that of the Cameroons to help put an end to this madness.

Amnesty international and many other human rights groups have condemn Cameroon .

We think respect of human rights is key value for Commonwealth states to commit to but Cameroon has been practicing the reverse.

Torture of civilians and the raping of students by forces loyal to the president of the Republic go unpunished. 

Remember this was done to Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Now why not Cameroon

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