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Change our Chocolate: Stop Reed and Commons' support of Child Slave Labor

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The Dark Side of Chocolate ( explains that child slave labor and human trafficking are still rampant issues in the supply chain for Big Chocolate companies (and other companies that don't care how their cacao is sourced, and chocolatiers who buy from Big Chocolate). Also, the more recent, more graphic sequel, Shady Chocolate ( shows that even the industry's paltry claims to improvement are false and that such efforts a trivial portion of their profits. By buying responsibly sourced chocolate, we can help ensure that farmers are paid fairly for their work and reduce the incentives to purchase and enslave children as laborers on cacao plantations. Boycott Hersheys, Nestle, Callebaut, and all other signators to the Harkin-Engel protocol (which has failed: and buy more locally made, directly traded chocolate bars and chocolate products! Even buying certified (Fair Trade, RainforestAlliance, UTZ) chocolate from major producers supports the companies that have failed to improve the ethics of their supply chain, so we should eliminate any of their products, completely, from every dining option and office on campus. Is your KitKat worth enslaving children?

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