No need to panic, these are Quiet Fireworks.

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The fourth of July is a day that we celebrate our independence and traditionally we have done so through family get-togethers, concerts, parades and fireworks.  However, on this day many families with household pets, small children and family members with PTSD and Dementia must endure anywhere from 2 to 3 hours of their loved ones going through sheer terror.  They can find no safe haven from the monstrous booms that seem to want to consume them.  In fact, many pets go missing on this day of celebration because the terrifying sounds of exploding fireworks send them fleeing and they would run just about anywhere to get away. We should celebrate our independence but it can be done in a way that is more inclusive and sensitive to the many responsible pet owning families as well as the families with military PTSD and elderly with Dementia.  Fireworks seem almost magical in our children’s eyes, and the proposition is not to end them, but simply make an adjustment.  There are soundless firework displays currently in use in Disneyland Paris ,  Collechio in Italy and  the Birmingham Botanical Gardens  in order not stress animals and people with PTSD as well as people with Dementia. It is because we love our traditions of this wonderful country that we can freely petition inclusivity of this celebration for families that have mascots and either small children or family members that suffer from PTSD or Dementia.  We should ALL celebrate the red, white and blue in one joyous and inclusive celebration on the 4th of July. We are saying NO to the noise pollution that old-fashioned firework displays brings and YES to the forward thinking and progressive means of celebration with “Quiet Fireworks”.  More information is available on the website: