Tell Islip Town to stop the zoning change at Island Hills

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On March 8, 2017, Rechler Equity Partners filed an application with the Town of Islip to change the zoning of the former Island Hills Golf Course from AAA [residential] to PDD [planned development district].The present zoning for this parcel allows for single family homes to be built on 40,000 square foot lots. This could equate to 84 new homes.

If granted this change in zoning, the developer will build 1365 rental apartments, in 27 buildings, most at a height of 3-4 stories

The zoning change must be opposed for the following reasons:

  • The addition of these apartments is not consistent with an established neighborhood of one and two story single family homes. The integrity of the neighborhood will be compromised.
  • The plan is designed with only 1.75 parking spots per apartment. As a result, overflow parking from renters and visitors will occur on residential streets where children play.
  •  2,000 - 3,000 cars will flood the surrounding residential and main roads.  
  • The Connetquot School District will be burdened by the increase in population.
  • The golf course consistently used chemicals on the property for several decades. Environmental issues may arise due to the disruption of the soil during construction.
  • The apartment complex may overburden the electrical and sewage systems.
  • Renters will not have a long-term stake in our community.
  • Property values will decline.

We have a vested interest and history in our community and an expectation of support from our elected town officials. Let them know you do not want the neighborhood atmosphere to change.

Please sign this petition to stop the zoning change.