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Commission on Elections: Disqualify BUHAY Party List from 2013 Elections

We oppose the accreditation of Buhay Hayaang Yumabong (BUHAY) Party list for the following reasons:

1. None of their nominees are part of "the unborn, the sick, the disabled and others not capable of protecting themselves alone".

First, the unborn is incapable of running for congressional seats because of the requirement of at least 25 years of age.

Second, none of their nominees suffer from any disease strong enough to incapacitate them.

Lastly, none of their nominees are visibly disabled. If the disabled are a valid marginalized sector, Pilipinos with Disabilities is a better choice for Filipino PWDs, since their nominees are actually part of their constituents. We suppose, though, that they won't support every bill that BUHAY authored, as summarized in the next item.

2. Their track record is questionable. In their website, they listed that they authored 30 bills during the 13th and 14th Congresses, 11 of which were passed. Only 9 out of those 30 bills have their constituents in their mind, and none of those were for the welfare of the unborn.

Still citing their website, during the 15th Congress, they focused in transportation issues, something their constituents don't directly benefit from.

What greatly alarms us, however, is their stance on Internet regulation. Apart from supporting the Cybercrime Prevention Act, they also proposed the Anti-Online Piracy Act, which resembles the failed American bills Stop Online Piracy Act and Prevent Internet Piracy Act.

3. It is used by El Shaddai to circumvent the ban on religious party lists and by the Motion Picture Association of America to advance draconian copyright legislation. We can't determine what former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza is pushing for, but the other nominees have shown what they are for.

Rep. Mariano Michael Velarde, Jr., is a son of Bro. Mike Velarde, founder of El Shaddai. The party list's bill proposing a ban of sex toys and their constant opposition to the Reproductive Health bill, which they can't justify without citing morality/religion are just attempts of theirs to enforce their religious dogma over a country with multiple religions.

Rep. Irwin Tieng, on the other hand, is a nephew of Wilson Tieng, CEO of Solar Entertainment. Since the MPAA releases American films via Solar Entertainment to the Philippines, we could assume that the Anti-Online Piracy Act (and the earlier Anti-Camcorder Act of 2010) is being lobbied for the MPAA.

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