Arrest Founder KAMAL SINGH and make him compensate those he has SCAMMED!

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I Met Kamal Singh Through A Close Friend in July 2017, at His office - HABITEX TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED , 306, Ansal chambers-2, Bikajikama place, new delhi, we had a conversation for about half an hour, where he explained little bit about his bitcoin mining farms in belfast, and how he is creating more bitcoins, and about his personal life ,that he is a very spiritual person, and he is very much into meditations and all, so i got a little bit interested with working and investing in him, as he said he is inclined towards meditations and was a spiritual person and wont cheat in any way, and he claimed he is having big properties and townships worth 200 crores near delhi, and showed me some online documents , and on 31st july i invested my 0.1 bitcoin and he told that my contract was for 18 months , and he will give payout of 12% every month through bitcoin, and now he said to invite more people to him so that they can also invest with his company and earn 12% return every month for 18 months,, i invited few of my friends and relatives and they started investing , but no where he mentioned about what returns he will give, it was all verbal , so me and my friends started asking why you don't mention the return in you invoice, he said he cannot write it as there will be some legal issues ,, mean while my team started growing, and he gave me 1st payout in sep , and that was the first and last payout i ever received , its been almost 9 months we have not received any payouts or return on investment ,and we were requesting for our payouts , but he gives some excuse every time we ask for our payouts, then he said it will be easy to give payouts in his new wallet which he made named Bitscoin bank , and we started receiving payouts in this new wallet, but later we all realised that it was another scam, it was only a number game , no one could transfer that payout to other wallet .. we all have been asking and requesting him for our ROI and payouts, but now he stopped picking up our calls, or he keeps his phones switched off, now as heard he has left India and is in Dubai , with all the money,, and does not care about the investors and their money..  HE ALONG WITH HIS WIFE"S BROTHER ( vijay kumar) SCAMMED A LOT OF INVESTORS..   Both Are now absconding..