Flybuys honor the deal!! - iPhone 11 pro

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I and many others who are signing the petition urge the commerce commission to force Flybuys NZ to honor the deal!!

Now it "could" be understood this was done in error but the fact is this is not the first time Flybuys NZ has shown recklessness on this magnitude! In 2016 there was a similar case where they priced the IPad at a discounted rate - at that time the outcome resulted in the deal not being honoured and left many citizens annoyed and frustrated at the injustice.

It was speculated that Flybuys NZ pulled this "discount" to get news exposure because the fact is that the blunder had caused every single new agency within NZ to publish the article and create mass brand exposure for Flybuys NZ. The exposure was related to Flybuys NZ having a discounted product and very little to no articles published about how or why they didn't honour the deal. This type of behaviour is reckless, misleading and outright fraud for the end consumer.

Following that precedent, this occasion of the iPhone 11 pro "discount" feels the same shady tactics they tried to pull back in 2016 and got away with. The fact in the modern day we have more than enough practices and environments (dev, UAT, Prod) to find and resolve these errors. The fact that something like this happens on this magnitude for such a long duration of time without it being rectified immediately is just negligence. The deal was on from 2 pm and kept going until 11 pm before the website fully crashed. This is a very long duration for a "mistake" on this scale to have not gone unnoticed.

We as New Zealand citizens believe the commerce commission should play an active role here and do not let Flybuys NZ get away with free publicity/recklessness again! Force them to honour the deal so they don't abuse the system again and take advantage of their consumers.

More so to keep and restore faith in the system - that the little guys don't always get screwed over by the big corporates for foul play. Commerce commission is meant to uphold justice and restore/strengthen faith in the law! We hope to see this, this time around!

We urge the commerce commission to ask the damming questions:

-How did this deal take place?

-If this was a "mistake" how did it happen on this magnitude for such a long duration of time?

-Why was this not picked up in testing before production releases?

-Large sums of money were taken out of customers accounts! But the customers still haven't been informed nor has their money been reimbursed (Information has now been released)

-Customers are now without the product and their money!

-Why hasn't there been any sense of acknowledgement from Flybuys NZ yet! (Information has now been released)

-Why did they allow every single news agency to report on the deal but no fix it first!

-Many more questions....


Sincerely your disgruntled citizens!!