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Com2us, Protect our Accounts and Fix Everything.Right.Now.

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Jewbagel's video exposing Com2us:

Jewbagel the most popular Summoners War youtuber exposed how vulnerable Com2us Co. Security is. while we've had a problem with phishing for the longest of time now its actually hacking and now we know how bad it is from a IT profesional:

IT profesional: "The email server/service that Com2us is using, has 57 security vulnerabilities alone"

Jewbagel: (About recovering an account) "It's kind of sucks for Free-to-play players that they don't have receipts but then again they din't lose any financial investment[..] you lost an account, that sucks, but you din't lose the money that you put into the account necessarily so it's like less traumatizing and devastating than people that have spent like over 10.000 dollars on an account and they are like, "shit, now its gone" so they will be more way more willing to work with you if you have receipts, if you dont have receipts you may be SoL, Snoopy out of luck."

I've also invested money into my account even tough the shop is WAY over the moon over priced in mexico's currency, it's absolutely RIDICULOUS how over priced is and i could invest more if it wasn't so over priced and Mexico is not the only one i haven't asked too much but so far after 3 years of playing i know it's the same in Canada. And i won't invest any more money into my account until Jewbagel says it is safe enough to invest again.

"I want people to not-- i wanted to get this information out there i want people to not get their accounts stolen i-i-just, it bothers me that this is even happening but it is and there's nothing i can do about it aside from try to help try to make this community aware of it what's going on try to maybe make your account a little safer by doing the best practices even tough if you are safe you're kind of still maybe screwed either way until Com2us does anything about it.[...] the people selling stolen accounts they're making sickening amounts of money and Com2us is not stopping them[..] it's a little bit ridiculous".

In the video Jewbagel provided how Com2us can fix this:

- Update outdated and vulnerable security measures.

"It needs to happen, i know that Com2us's head developer talked about it that they are gonna do it-- but i mean, talking about it and actually doing it are two different things; It needs to be done, it needed to be done, it should've already been done, it wasn't done, now we have a problem; this could've been solved months ago".

- Stop making it EASY for fences to advertice stolen accounts.

"Jesus christ this is like the easiest fix okay? They are letting people in the game advertise where to buy stolen accounts that they hacked. What? Why would you do that?[...] why are they making it so easy?[...] they continue to update the filters for what people-- i know you love your filters we can't even say Sharron we can't say assassin some of the monsters names, but yet you let people advertise for websites both for phishing websites and stolen account websites". 

- Agressively pursue sellers of accounts on online marketplaces.

"You are advertising 100% to the player base, 100% to your target market.[...] there's different online marketplaces for people to sell stolen accounts, Com2us can go and flag those and get those removed from online market[..] they can go and they can pursue sellers and they can start getting those sellers removed from those entire marketplaces entirely because a lot of the marketplaces are against selling digital goods anyway, so that's against the contours Terms of Service and the marketplace Terms of Service and doesn't need to be there, actually pretty easy to do that[..] why aren't they doing that?".

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