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Absolutely unacceptable!

Tom Neff
Columbus, OH, United States

Jun 22, 2017 — The Dispatch is that since the ACLU defended his free speech against the LGBTQ slur he shouldn't be fired. That is ridiculous. We are far less concerned with the slur than the insinuated threat the first part of his post covered. That he hopes it turns out like the BOSTON MARATHON! Are you kidding me? Thiaans words may not directly threaten one person but they very well could lead to inciting violence in other far more extreme anti LGBTQ people. Irefuse to let this man have no consequence to his action, spread this petition far and wide. Let the School Board know that we will hold THEM accountable if they do not do the right thing. We control their funding with our votes. They are here to direct the system that shapes our children's minds, if they allow this man to get off Scot-free they are complicit in the actions of this bigot, no action is the same thing as consent. So I pose this to you if they aren't as outraged at this threat as we are, do we want them making deciaions that affect the many possible LGBTQ students in the school system?

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