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Evict Puneesh Sharma for mocking rape victims

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In India, a woman is raped every fifteen minutes. It is the fourth most common crime against women. One cannot imagine the pain that a rape victim goes through and no one ever deserves to go through this pain. However, some people do not realize the seriousness of this and have no qualms about making jokes about it. Shockingly, this low class and delegatory joke were made in an extremely popular show Bigg Boss Season 11 aired on Colors TV by a contestant name Puneesh Sharma from Delhi.

This will be no surprise to any viewer of bigg boss that PUNEESH SHARMA is extremely disrespectful, repulsive, and disgusting contestant this season. He has been extremely to disrespectful to the women in this season. However, In a Voot video clip named “Decoding Luv's attitude,” he crossed all his limits by making a mockery of rape. Shockingly, his co-contestants found his joke amusing and laughed at it which includes Priyank Sharma, Hiten Tejwani, and Vikas Gupta.

Puneesh Sharma targeted his co-contestant Luv Tyagi in a conversation with the above-mentioned celebrities regarding the task of this week.

Talking about Luv Tyagi here whom Puneesh tortured a lot and cut his hair said: "I used all the protection. But things turned wild and it looked like raping with a condom on, but it tore” .

His exact words are “ Jo Rape horaha tha is with  Condom tha par Kya karein beech mein phat Gaya”

The words Puneesh Sharma used were disgusting. However, the bigger disappointment was that the so-called celebrities who pretend to promote women empowerment did not protest. Rather, they laughed at the comments he made. Though Vikas Gupta said “Chee-chee” and looked uncomfortable when Puneesh uttered these words he didn't try to stop him from saying nonsense on national TV about a hideous crime Rape. My question to Puneesh Sharma and his co-partners who were involved in this conversation is how can you dislike someone so much that you end up making a mockery of a heinous crime like rape?

What was even more shocking is that Colors TV deleted this part of the comment from the actual video on Voot. Colors TV pretends to promote women empowerment through their fictional shows but what kind of example are they setting for youth by having disgusting contestants like Puneesh Sharma on their reality show? It is a known fact that the channel certainly favors some contestants but is there favoritism beyond something as serious as this?

Shockingly, no celebrity or influential person has protested against such a delegatory comment! These so-called popular celebrities tend to have a soft target, however, none of them have voiced their opinion against this comment. But why so? Is this because this comment was not targeted toward a celebrity contestant or because they fear the channel? Unfortunately, women of our country fear to step outside of the house and this is because of a man like Puneesh Sharma who makes a mockery of such a heinous crime. Women in our nation fear to fight back for themselves because people like Priyank Sharma, Hiten Tejwani, and Vikas Gupta find such comments entertaining. I must say the nation indeed is going in the right direction! Thanks to men like these!

Puneesh Sharma NEEDS to be thrown out of the show as soon as possible. He NEEDS to issue an apology to everyone who he targeted through this comment. It will be a shame if the channel and the host do not do anything about it. Rape is certainly not a joke and should not be used in any context to target anyone.


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