NO Urban Deer Hunting in Colorado Springs

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife has proposed urban deer hunting as an option to manage El Paso County’s increasing deer population. Ideas currently on the table are bow hunting and sharpshooters within the city limits, including parks and residential areas.

Not only is this dangerous for human beings, for obvious reasons, but highly cruel and unfair for the deer. They are living in the city as Colorado Springs expands to meet the needs of its growing human population.

One report, by Area Wildlife Manager Frank McGee, states that there are 20 deer per mile within the city and three deer per mile in the mountains. Another perspective is that if these deer were not hunted in their natural habitat initially, then they would not be forced into the city limits over time.

While the danger of so many deer within the city limits is understandable, how the county's officials will choose to handle this situation should be scrutinized. Other options possibly being considered are relocation, sterilization or birth control, which would undoubtedly be a bit more painstaking, but well worth the effort. Completely wiping out the city’s population of deer is entirely unethical to these innocent creatures, whose predicament is undeniably a directly consequence of the human impact on nature. Many of the El Paso County residents and tourist highly respect and consider these deer to be a large part of the city’s ambiance.

Further questioning the moral basis of this proposal is the fact that this idea of urban deer hunting is simply a ploy to boost funds for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, just like their “experimental” issuing of mountain lion and bear killing licenses in other parts of the state to increase funds. So, what is the mission of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife if it is not to protect our precious and vulnerable wildlife?

Please sign this petition to demand that the Colorado Springs City Council choose the true well-being that these deer deserve, over greed and what they may consider an easier out. Though humane options may be more time consuming and a bit less than 100% effective, killing off the city’s deer should never have even been a consideration.