HELP Keep Syrian Refugees AWAY from Colorado and Keep US Safe

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My name is Katie Konken, I'm starting this petition in recent light of the attacks on Paris and several other terrorists attacks.  I live in a tiny community in Northeastern Colorado named Sterling.  We believe when making major community changes to VOTE on them.  

It was brought to my attention, due to diligent research that there will be a number of Syrian refugees brought out to this corner of Colorado. Of course they are due to come by the numbers to several other locations throughout Colorado but I was hoping that we could make a democratic decision TOGETHER as a STATE as to whether or not to bring the refugees here.

I know I live in a democratic society and, although, this is a humanitarian effort it seems to be more of a gigantic burden on the civilians that are currently occupying the spaces that will soon be occupied by TONS of strangers. I don't know about you but when that type of an influx is FORCED upon us we respond with several different emotions.

My number one emotion is fear! Watching how said refugees are reacting across the world to being relocated is ridiculous! There are enough media outlets plus plenty of personal videos that are uploaded around the world showing just how thankful the refugees are to have been brought there.  I don't want the same here.

I don't know about you but I DEMAND an immediate vote as to whether or not we should bring them to COLORADO! I will not stand silently by while they enter our State borders, I don't want just ONE person in charge to tell me that I need to just be calm and welcome these strangers in. I will not stand by and watch while knowing I could have done something to prevent it from happening.

Please sign my petition to achieve a VOTE to whether or not COLORADOIANS want them here.  

If you are not a resident of Colorado but would like to know where they are expected please visit this page:

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