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Give Dr. Pelser Back His Licence

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Update November 12:  Dr. Pelser has been notified that the CPSO have started an investigation into Dr. Pelser  practising medicine “without a valid license” for the period that he provided care to his patients without knowing yet that his license had expired - August 10th - September 5th.  The license expired August 10th with a 30 day grace period ending September 9th.  Dr. Pelser found out on September 5th that his license had expired and if he paid that day, his license would be renewed within 48 hours.  Dr. Pelser paid the license renewal fee and the late payment charge on September 5th, someone at the college acknowledged receiving payment - 4 days before the grace period ended. Therefore, Dr. Pelser was not practising medicine WITHOUT a license between August 10th - September 5th.

CPSO - you have got to be kiddingThis is how you spend your time?? The role of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is to regulate the practice of medicine to protect and serve the public interest.  This system of medical regulation is based on the premise that the College must act first and foremost in the interest of the public. 

How is denying Dr. Pelser his license helping his patients??? People you have been mandated to protect and serve.


September 25, 2017: Dr Pelser's patients want CPSO to renew his licence immediately. This area is already short on Doctors, we can't lose the best one.

 Dr. Pelser readily admits he was preoccupied with opening the new office and that he was at fault for not remembering that his licence needed to be renewed, nor did he read the fine print on the website stating that he had to notify The College in writing of his new contact information. The college insists they emailed Dr. Pelser reminders prior to the June 1st deadline, but he never received them as they were most likely sent to his old email address. The College claims they never “bounced back”. Wanting to do everything properly, Dr. Pelser was in almost daily contact (by phone) with the College when his solo practice first opened in April. The College even sent “new patient sign up forms” to his office using his new street address. As soon as he discovered his licence was overdue he sent his payment along with the penalty payment within the 30 day grace period. The College assured him everything would be updated within 48 hours. He believed the College so he continued to take care of his patients. Now the College claims he was practicing medicine without a licence and has forbid him to go near his office.

We believe The College needs to be accountable for their decision to force a solo physician out of business for administrative errors on both sides,  thereby taking away his livelihood and endangering the lives of his patients.

All of Dr. Pelser's patients want Dr. Pelser back doing what he does best - taking care of his patients now. Please reinstate Dr. Pelser's licence immediately!

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