Petition to have a Spinosaurus appearance in Jurassic World 3

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The request of this petition is to have at least a spinosaurus in a cameo without a rematch in Jurassic World 3.

I immediately try to be clear, I love all the 5 films of the saga and I'm a big fan of the T-Rex but I also love the Spinosaurus; its design and its introduction in JP3 for me was a great addition and innovation because the t-rex was the protagonist for two films and now the creators of the saga had decided to put a bigger and ugly dinosaur, so I said "well let's see how it will be". In the scene where the Rex dies I tried a feeling of sadness but also curiosity because I wanted to see more of this animal, I wanted to see how he continued to hunt Grant and the other protagonists (I always speak on behalf of a big T-rex fan! And in my heart I knew that Buck, Doe and Junior were good on the other side of Sorna).

17 years have passed since then and I ask to Colin Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael to have a short return of this dinosaur in the last film of the trilogy, given that its fans have been waiting for it from Jurassic World and from concepts we know it was supposed to appear in Fallen Kingdom but that for some reason was then discarded.  A rematch between these two animals (I always speak in the name of a great fan of the T-Rex) would be useless, it would not do anything
if not to make the situation worse.

As I said 17 years have passed and in the last games, marketing sites and also in JW and in FK great space was given to T-Rex as a true king and in the film of 2015 also had a kind of "revenge" in the final. I love what Trevorrow and Bayona have done in these last two films and what Trevorrow will do in the third film I'm sure I'll love too; Trevorrow is always very kind and always listens to fans and their opinions and we hope he can read this request and understand that Spinosaurus fans are not few but they are very many (proof is the success of the Mattel's toy and now there are various requests to be able to sell it again.

We wish anyway to Colin Trevorrow, Emily Carmichael and all the creators of this trilogy good luck for the creation of this film.