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Colin Barnett, call a referendum in WA for secession from Australia

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The current Australian political system is dysfunctional, self-serving and is in desperate need for disruption. Australians are not being served by their government appropriately, money is continually being mis-managed and the total and complete lack of accountability is disgraceful.

The recent escalation of the GST distribution system is the proof that WA must stand alone for the interest of our citizens, future and unique investment and development needs due to our geographical location.

Colin Barnett, we ask that you take this matter to a referendum and ask fellow West Australians whether they would support you in secession. If you can prove overwhelming support for such a move, it will start the process for reviewing the appropriate legislation which will need amending (or throwing out entirely).

It's time those being paid by Australian taxpayers start to make REAL changes not just childlike banter in a closed room in a white house in Canberra, who time and time again prove they have such little respect or concern for West Australians.

It's time to act. It's time to show the rest of Australia and the rest of the world who Western Australia really are - what we are made of - and most importantly that we will no longer stand by and accept our "government" not representing our best interests.

We are the only ones who can be blamed if nothing changes - it's time we took control of our future and began to define it instead of it being defined for us.

The referendum is the first step - let's be brave enough to take it!

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