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I was at the checkout of the local Foodworks in Apollo Bay a few days ago and upon being told my total, I realised I didn’t have my reusable bag with me.

Michael, my friendly check out chick, politely remarked.

“Would you like to buy a bag for $2? Otherwise, you could take one of those cardboard boxes.” He pointed to a large pile of cardboard boxes at the front of the store. They were of all shapes and sizes and from all different brands and produce items.

“That’s so great that you offer your used stock boxes to customers!” I exclaimed with joy.

“Well yeah” he replied, “It makes sense to doesn’t it?”

UM YEAH! Absolutely it does!

It prompted me into thinking, why is this Supermarket all the way in Apollo Bay so far ahead of the game in regards to being sustainable and doing their part for the environment whilst I’m living in Melbourne (the place these smaller towns are “meant” to be mirroring and learning from) yet we are so far behind and don’t offer the same!?

It would be of no loss to these large (and even smaller) markets to offer to us, their consumers, the cardboard boxes they no longer have use for.

If they are just put out to be recycled, why not allocate a space for them near the checkouts to allow consumers to have the CHOICE to use these spare boxes over buying another reusable bag (if it had been forgotten at home or the ones brought in weren’t enough). Organic markets (e.g. Sunnybrooks in Ormond and Patterson Organic in Bentleigh) already offer this choice to customers, so why is it that all of these other major supermarkets aren’t offering it too?

Could it be because they would rather sell there Coles/Woolies/IGA/ALDI branded bags and make a profit from them? They would be making millions on the sales of those bags since the ruling out of plastic bags came through. If these companies truly care for the environment, this should be a no brainer!

We would like to propose a choice up to these big name supermarkets. The options being that you either:

- Allocate a space near checkout for these spare cardboard boxes and offer them to customers to use rather than having to purchase a reusable bag
- Donate a percentage of the profit from the sales of your reusable bags and give your customers the choice of 3 charities those profits can go to each month (much like the system Grill’d use with their bottle caps)
- Do all of the above

Please sign this petition and SHARE it around so we can accumulate enough signatures to see a change in our community and ultimately in our world! Every small step counts towards rebuilding our beautiful earth. Every voice has an impact and every action will ignite change!

Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition. We are doing this for our own future! Let it be bright, wholesome and full of love and life!


Stephanie Athanas