Starburst back on shelves

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I think its a copout when your grocery store deletes lines that youve always purchased, siting no demand for the product.

I think its a giant conspiracy, to demand more money from companies for their shelf space. 

I get that this isnt exactly an earth shattering, world changing issue.  Everyone knows though how annoying it is to go to a grocery store to find your favourite items are being deleted in favour of home brand products or just deleted all together.

Lavazza coffee have also had a couple of their coffee strengths removed from shelves recently too.

So now Im wondering !!!!

Who will be stocking starburst products ?
Woolworths and Coles have both removed starburst products from shelves with no valid reason given by staff.

Im extremely devastated. Im a gym junky with an an addiction to starburst snakes. I think I kept them in business just with my mild (heavy) addiction.
I cant do Allens snakes..... cant do Allens lollies, lets face it they aren't starburst.

How and where can I get my next starburst hit and when are starburst products going to be back on the shelf ??

Theres nothing like a starburst snake thats sat in its packet on a 43 degree (celcius) day in the console of your car !!!

Its like solid cordial

Please come back Starburst
I can't be a fitness gym fanatic without you.