Stop Food Companies from hiding ingredients from the public

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Food companies over the years have been very misleading about what they actually put in their products or where they got their products. Whenever there is a time when a company reaches a parasite problem in their foods of some sort, companies tend to try to fix them as quickly as they can but also hiding it from the public so that people won't stop buying their product for a parasite or disease. Or a company that wants to sell more buy copying their product over and over again in a faster way by adding unusual ingredients people would put in their food or drink. Take Coca-cola for instance, where back in 1990 there was an event where there would be Coca-cola cans with secret bills of cash hidden inside them. To make the weight of each coke with cash inside indistinguishable to a regular coke they added more water, chlorine, and ammonium sulfate which is bad for humans to drink. This is only one example for this company, if not an example out of millions of scams by hundreds of food companies that is happening in the world each day. Everyday the food I'm eating may be made up of ingredients I don't even know since many food companies never bothered to share any ingredient information. With your signature and help, you too can change the ways companies operate to provide a better, safer food environment for us humans to live on earth and we can all eat healthy and move on with our personal lives.