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Change the Fanta logo back to its former self.

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I was in Co-op today because I felt a bit parched. Immediately upon entering, my first thought was to walk over to the drink fridge and see what was on offer. Well, imagine my shock when I saw the new fanta bottles that had been 'rebranded'...

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old logo. It had a bubbly and easy to read font, which complimented its flavour very well. The yellow and orange colours gave it a vibrant and comforting feel, as if you were on a tropical island. It was truly magical. However, this new logo is complete trash. For starters, the font is square, which reminds me of robots. The same robots enslaved to mass produce these drinks which are consumed on a daily basis. The imagery of tropical island swarmed with a production line of robots is not near as satisfying as it's former.

Another complaint I have is that the new 2 litre bottles are not as attractive and useful as the previous 2 litre bottles. Firstly, they also contain the new, afformentioned, Fanta logo. Secondly, the shape of the bottle suggests it is unstable and erratic, much like the actions of Fanta's marketing department. The new shape is not needed, not wanted and ergonomically lacking, as they do not fit in the end of the trolley comfortably like Sprite and 7Up bottles, which use the standard, and much less dangerous 2 litre bottle.

To conclude, the new Fanta 'rebranding' looks like a knock-off version of itself, put on the shelves of supermarkets as nothing more than a practical joke. The rebranding served no purpose, and was neither necessary or in popular demand. Revert it back to the original, or forever lose my custom. 


Ps: if you deleted the old logo, you can find it again on Google Images.

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