Mountain View Elementary School Administration Change

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To the Cobb County School Board & Superintendent Ragsdale,


We, as parents, community members and stakeholders of Mountain View Elementary School, respectfully request the immediate removal of the current administration of Mountain View Elementary School for the following reasons:


1)      The administration has created a toxic culture and atmosphere for teachers and staff in which they are ruled by fear and intimidation. Due to this, there are many excellent teachers who are leaving at the end of this school year. There are many more teachers who would like to leave but have not yet been granted a transfer or have not yet found a position in another school. When great teachers leave, the quality of our school diminishes, and it adversely affects our children, and this is unacceptable.


Not only has this administration created such a negative environment for teachers that they choose to leave, they have also targeted and summarily punished teachers for speaking up for themselves. One example is Hannah Roge who is an amazing teacher who has been at Mtn. View for four years. She had three years of stellar evaluations. However, this year, after speaking up for herself, Ms. Roge was targeted by the administration, who then proceeded to give her poor evaluations. This administration has done it’s best to ruin this wonderful teacher’s career in order to make an example of her to other teachers. Ms. Roge taught the same group of students the past two school years for Kindergarten and 1st grade (she looped-up with them). All anyone need do is pull up test scores and achievement data to demonstrate what an effective teacher she is. What this administration has done to this incredible teacher is unacceptable.


Not only has this administration created a hostile and toxic environment for teachers and staff, it has also done so for parent volunteers. Ask any parent who has taken their precious time, many taking off work, to invest in their child’s education by volunteering at the school, and they will tell you how poorly they are treated by this administration. When an administration systematically alienates active parents, the quality of the school is adversely affected, and this is unacceptable.



2)      This administration has made it a practice to constantly move teachers from one grade to another each year, thus disrupting any sense of consistency. This controversial practice does not make for better teachers, it makes for more stressed-out teachers who struggle to learn a new curriculum in time for the new school year. An administration should play to the strengths of its teachers and staff and allow teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum and grade-level. This practice has consistently frustrated teachers, parents and students, as we do not know what to expect from year to year.


3)      The administration has consistently operated without transparency, particularly as it pertains to the Science Lab and Computer Lab teachers whose salaries had previously been sponsored by the Foundation. This year, it was not clearly conveyed to parents and stakeholders what exactly was needed to keep these two essential teachers. Due to the lack of transparency by this administration, our school will be without these two vital teachers next year.


Consistently, essential information is not conveyed by the administration to parents and stakeholders, but rather shared with us parents by our children as they come home from school. For example, after yet another fundraiser to attempt to retain our STEM teachers for next year, parents found out from their children that it did not raise enough money to sustain the salaries of these teachers. The children heard it from others at school, NOT from the administration. Parents have since learned, again, NOT from the administration, but from word-of-mouth, that prior to this last fundraiser, the administration had already decided that they would not be able to bring back the STEM teachers next year, yet allowed parents and community members to do the difficult task of raising funds. Once again, parents, community members and stakeholders have been misled by this administration. Now we are wondering what they plan to do with the funds raised, funds that were supposed to go toward the salaries of our two STEM teachers. This repeated lack of transparency and blatant disregard for the integrity of our school and what is truly best for our children is completely unacceptable.


For all the reasons expressed above, we respectfully request the immediate removal of the current administration at Mountain View Elementary School. We ask that you NOT share the names and signatures listed on this petition with the administration of Mountain View Elementary School, for as parents, community members and stakeholders, we have seen how this administration retaliates against those who dare to speak up for the sake of the children.

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