Allow the boys attend Coachford College Debs 2018

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An open letter to Coachford College,

 As many know, a Leaving Cert prank is a long-running tradition in Coachford. Inevitable and almost unsurprising. These pranks are almost always laughed about and forgotten about as the school term comes to an end and a new year is rolled in. However the sixth year students saw a radical change this year in response to a seemingly harmless "schoolboy prank".
 This year, four boys entered the school while it was still open, and placed fish in 5 rooms. The next morning the fish were removed before midday with students and teachers laughing it off as a harmless prank. It caused no damage. The four boys in question were then visited by Gardaí and issued with an adult warning.They were told by school administrators they were not welcome back at school for their last day and were only told two days before exams that they would be able to sit them in the school. Furthermore, the boys were then asked to return their tickets for the Debs Ball held in August and they would be refunded if returned on time. This is where a problem has arisen.

 It appears hypocritical on the schools part that these boys in question should not be allowed attend as with previous years this has never been a punishment. We whole heartedly agree that actions come with consequences, a concept ingrained in us since attending Coachford but that said, this punishment is denying not only these four boys a final night with their classmates but it is also disappointing the large majority of sixth year students who have spent the last 6 years growing and learning alongside eachother. Taking the Debs away from them is taking it from everyone else. It won't be enjoyed. It has put a stain on our time in Coachford and will further stain our experience together. Come September the incident will be forgotten, however the boys may miss out on the one day that had until now been a guarantee. Nobody wants to cause any upset at the Debs. It is a night everyone wants to enjoy. That can't be possible with this hanging over us.

 We feel responsible to fight on behalf of our classmates for the voice they were not afforded in this decision. Please sign the petition to show the support you have.