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Coral Reef Destruction

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Coral reefs are beautiful wonders of the oceans home to many exotic fish and sea life. We are fighting to protect Coral Reef from bleaching, poison fish, water pollution, sedimentation, and careless tourism. 

Reef bleaching is caused by warming waters and global warming. When global warming warms the water the chance for bleaching increases. The warm water conditions affects the internal microorganisms causing them to loose their vibrant colors. 

Poison fish like the Pterois or Lionfish, that are over populated and killing other fish necessary to the reefs. Then humans kill the Lionfish and cause under population which then messes with the balance. 

Water pollution is the one most dangerous cause of reef destruction. When humans dump oils, fertilizer, and human and animal waste into the ocean the chemical make-up of the water is changed. Waste and other objects block sunlight from reaching the coral. 

Have you ever seen a coast side resorts, well the construction causes sedimentation which kills the coral reefs. The silt, sand and other particles smother the coral and cause clouds which does not allow sunlight to reach the reefs. 

Do you scuba dive? Snorkelers and other sea divers love destroy the reefs. Simply by touching the reefs the oils on the humans hands can kill entire sections of coral.



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