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Let the Blue whale keep swimming!

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The blue whale is the most well-known species of whale. It is the largest whale know in today's existence, with lengths of over 100 feet, and weighing more than 150 tons. In the pre-whaling era, the blue whales were extremely abundant with about 150,000-200,000, before whaling started. An estimate of 1,500-2,500 blue whales are left in existence. They are endangered due to aggressive hunting. Blue whales have been hunted for: oil (lamp oil, soap, perfume, candles, cosmetics), food (cooking oils, margarine, whale meat), and clothing (corsets, umbrellas). They are also threatened by environmental changes, like habitat loss, chemical and sound pollution, even toxins. If the blue whales were to become extinct the whole world's economy would see a negative shift and everyone will be affected by this. The whales play am important role in stabilizing the acquire reproduction & food chain. Scientific studies of the mammal species has led to many discoveries and advancements to echolocation, aquatic environments and even other important oceanic topics. Whale poop plays a huge role in stabilizing the offset of carbon into our air, which later on provides a healthier environment for both aquatic life-forms and land. Whale watching activities have brought in billions of dollars to help stimulate economic growth in our WORLD! Sign our petition to help us keep the blue whale swimming & raise awareness.

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