Justice for a Whistle Blower in a Title IX Complaint

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            After thinking about committing suicide and cutting myself in-spite of everything going on this year with family issues and being kicked off the Kentucky State University Softball Team. I submitted a Single Spaced 20-page formal written grievance to Kentucky State Interim President, University counsel, Deans of Students Mr. Christopher Cribbs, and Mr. Daryl Lowe about the KSU softball program and even filing a Title IX complaint about my coaches. Even worse that Kentucky State University has a Board of Regents trying to get rid of this situation meaning my letters. Yes, a Board of Regents stated to the Title IX coordinator/ Dean of Students Mr. Christopher Cribbs and Mr. Dean Lowe that, “they need to get this handled," meaning before the new president comes into the office. Which is a ruling for the coaches’ favor, since the Board of Regents and Head Coach Oscar L. Downs Jr. are very close friends. My outcome now since the University and even board regions are not taking my letters seriously, yet along the NCAA. I now will be publicly seeking to the media and other Title IX lawyers who are willingly to represent me in a lawsuit against Kentucky State University and each person involved in this matter. I want the public to see what happens when women are under the supervision of an all-male coaching staff. Also, to shine the light on to the University and their workers that are trying to hide my letters and evidence but continue to manipulate the University’s system. At this rate, I do not want my letters to go unnoticed after working so hard, putting in the time and even enduring so much stress from being manipulated by the coaching staff and losing friendships in the mist. My senior year was stressful with sleepless years under these circumstances yet along more complicated being just a student-athlete attending Kentucky State University. A University I once loved now the most hated in my heart from these last 4years. I still strived through everything this year to end the semester with a 3.75 GPA. Due to the mistreatment and stress I was unable to hit my main goal of 4.00 GPA. I understand that the University has received my letter on several occasions, and have other obligations but as of now I believe that the University and staff are not taking my letter seriously. I understand that my letter will no longer matter to the Interim President Aaron Thompson after the New President Christopher Brown comes in on May 20,2017. After dealing with the stress, physical and verbal assault, libel, slander, extortion, harassments, sex discrimination, defamation of character, video and photographic voyeurism and even being followed by individuals such as Dean Christopher Cribbs and Dean Daryl Lowe. I have filed a police report, order of protection from each individual and will be seeking legal representations about my Title IX claim. Since Kentucky State University and Title IX coordinators/Dean of Students have not followed the policy but only violated my rights by NOT providing me with any WHISTLE BLOWER PROTECTION, but only seeking to protect the horrible Coaching Staff, Student Affairs and President working here at Kentucky State! I have also now submitted my letter to the New President Christopher Brown along with the governor. Please assist with resolving this very serious complaint, so that no other female student athletes on the softball team (in the future), will have to endure the suffering and mistreatment that we have already experienced.
Thank You Miyache D. Ashworth

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