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Help to end the torture and consumption of dogs for their meat!

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My name is Alyssa, I live in Antioch, Illinois. I have constantly stayed awake at night wondering how I could help save the lives of so many animals that are being beaten, abused, tortured, and killed. These animals are not just pigs, cows, chickens but also, animals such as dogs and cats in Korea and other countries. It makes me sick to my stomach and I need your help, please! I may just be a twenty six year old from a town that most haven't heard of but I am reaching out to you in order to spread the word in hopes that you could be my voice just like I am trying to be the voice of all of these innocent animals that don't deserve the pain and suffering. This change will have a great impact on my life and those around me by taking action instead of just waiting to be heard. This could truly help every community and help to open people's eyes to what's going on around them on a daily basis. So many people just go on living their lives, accepting the fact that abuse and slaughter of innocent animals are happening everywhere but I am asking you to please let my voice be heard, please!

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