CNN Let Tulsi Gabbard speak in the Climate Change Townhall (Sep 4)

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is one of the strongest candidates on Climate Change. She first got involved in politics because of her concern for the environment. Hawaii would be one of the first to be affected by rising sea levels. This issue is close to Tulsi's heart. 

Tulsi is the author of the Off Fossil Fuels Act (H.R. 3671), the most aggressive climate change legislation in congress. 

Despite this, CNN has decided to keep Tulsi out for arbitrary reasons. How are we supposed to know where candidates stand on this important issue if their voices are silenced by corporate media? 

Please sign the petition to urge CNN to include Tulsi in the Sep 4th CNN climate change town hall. 

Learn more about Tulsi's work on Climate Change here.

Key points 

  • Tulsi is a top leader in fighting for urgent action to address climate change
  • Tulsi’s aggressive OFF Fossil Fuels Act has been endorsed by over 400 national, state and local organizations, including Progressive Democrats of America, The Climate Justice Alliance, Food and Water Watch, People’s Action Institute, Indigenous Environmental Network, Blue Planet Foundation and National Nurses United
  • The OFF Act transitions the U.S. to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035 and includes provisions to stimulate the economy and transition workers to jobs in the renewable energy sector

Tulsi's legislation on climate change