Prove your claim of "Open Development"

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Prove your claim of "Open Development"

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Like most of you who would bother reading this, I am a backer of the game Star Citizen. I am going to make no claims that I am speaking for the community, but I am still going to highlight what I have been seeing lately. For approximately five years, this game has been in development. It's during this time that I've noticed the community has been giving CIG a lot of leeway with one of their biggest promises they made during their Kickstarter, "Open Development". While I hear a lot of excuses that CIG is still more open with their development than other companies, I personally don't believe they are. There are plenty of other companies who tout Open Development (and some who don't) who do it a lot better. CIG is a locked door with 37 locks compared to these other companies who do it a lot better. What I am asking of CIG is that they step up their damn game with "Open Development" and take notes from other companies. Some personal recommendations for ways to show the community what you're up to CIG include:

  1. Streaming the builds that are in development to show your current progress all the time. (Happy Hour is perfect for this)
  2. Get someone to update your Schedule Report more often. Basically every-time something is moved back or forward.
  3. Try to get your studios to introduce a "Trello" board
  4. Add 3.0 and SQ42 to the damn Schedule Report, or do something better to inform the community about these updates.

Again, I am not speaking for the community here and don't wanna seem like I am, but CIG, you need to do better. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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