Closure of the animal market is Souq Waqif - Doha

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Animals being sold and meanwhile being kept in the cruelest conditions imaginable. 

I have just come back from an outdoor Souq market in Doha in Qatar. For one of the richest countries in the world I was so shocked to come across the worst animal cruelty I have ever seen. It was 40+ degrees and there were dogs, cats, rabbits, tortoise, all different kinds of birds, rodents reptiles and fish stuffed in tiny cages/tanks. Cats that were so hot they were unresponsive and nearly unconscious. Some when stroked almost looked crossed eyed and were covered in sweat - Some almost looked brain damaged and like they only had another few hours left in them. Others just gazed at you helplessly. Dogs (mostly puppies) that were scared to come out of the cage and had no life in them. The ones that did were unable to walk properly as I assume are so used to being in a cage. Some were also very scared when you went to stroke them. I also held a puppy that wouldn’t stop sucking on my clothes and skin - presumably too young to have been removed from its mum. Some animals had no or little water and food. There were animals that sometimes don’t get along (cats and dogs and cats with birds) put in cages next to each other so they were fighting. I also saw a lot of people poking and tormenting the animals through the bars and laughing when they reacted. All I could do was ask to hold as many dogs as I could to let them out of the cage for a few minutes and point out any empty water bowls I saw to the owner. When the market was closing they stacked all the cages one on top of the other and put a sheet across the entrance. I realise selling pets like this goes on in lots of countries however this is the worst and saddest case of it I have ever seen a hundred times over.

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I’m sorry as I’m sure people will have found this post upsetting but if sharing this makes 000000.1% of difference then it’s worth writing and sharing.