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Close down dogs 4 us the uks largest puppy sellers

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To the powers that be, this petition is a call to close down dogs 4 us the UKs largest pet store that sells sick and dying puppies to the unsuspecting public.The puppies travel from unlicenced and licenced puppy farms in Ireland,Wales under the age of 8 weeks,too young to be transported under uk law,some don't make the journey and die on the way and are thrown to the side of the road like rubbish.They arrive at dogs 4 us (and other third parties) in a van full of buckets and tubs often mixed litters and are neither vaccinated or microchipped and most of them are covered in their own waste  and each other's . They are allowed no acclimatisation period as pups often sold the same day as arrival and carry diseases and parasites and pass them on to other dogs and humans (you have recorded data re campylobacter). They sell cross breeds as pedigrees, the breeders aren't traceable, the breeders aren't even checked. The puppies often die of the deadly parvo virus and puppies can be vomiting worms aswell as them coming out the other end and some died because of it .The puppies arrive underweight and in poor condition due to the unacceptable conditions back at the puppy farm. The "pedigree certificates " are made by the ex owners of dogs 4 us both working together to justify the price of the puppies,a vet doesn't oversee the dogs daily and have no out of hours vet care. Vet visits are stretched to 4 weeks, 4 weeks is a long time for a puppy so staff medicate daily to cover the upset tummies in kennels. The puppies are getting passed a "vet check" when they arrive, how ? The breeders being licenced or not doesn't make a difference the problems are still the same.

I exposed dogs 4 us and their breeders last year on BBC Panorama Britains puppy dealers exposed and then again on BBC look north when puppies were dying in people's arms .

The puppies are terrified and the tiny too young puppies often came home with me to get them through the night with sugar and water every 2 hours to raise their sugar levels because the drop so drastically. You didn't lose puppies there you lost litters.legislation isn't working and authorities are struggling to keep up. Does it not tell you something that I exposed them on national tv and all the evidence was passed by BBC lawyers and dogs 4 us although threatened me they can't actually sue me because my case is watertight. I have over 70 cases still in my possession ranging from lameness to death and I receive people's horror stories every day. The puppy farmers keep their dogs in horrible condition with no basic vet care , their only aim is money, the dogs and bitches are abused on a daily basis and will never see the outside world, some places on dog raping machines to secure the impregnation . 


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