Decision Maker Response

David Lancaster’s response

David Lancaster
Lead Member for Environment and Community Safety, Salford Council

Jan 11, 2017 — Dear petition starter and petitioners, I acknowledge the petition and the support it is receiving. Both Individually and as a Council we abhor any cruelty to animals.

The council has recently carried out a full review of the conditions imposed on licensed pet shops within its area, including Dogs4Us, and has tightened the rules for such businesses significantly in order to better protect the welfare of animals, improve the records kept so that animals can be traced and to ensure that shops do not sell animals that are too young.

Although the City Council takes all complaints regarding the welfare of animals seriously neither it or the RSPCA have received any complaints regarding the treatment of animals by Dogs4Us that have been substantiated.

In this case we are bound by statutory requirements in relation to the decisions we have to make regarding the operation of this facility and have discharged that role.

The introduction of a wider ban on the third party sales of puppies and other animals would require a change in the law and, as such , would be a matter for the Government rather than something the Council could deal with.
Kind Regards David Lancaster
Lead Member for Environmental Services and Community Safety