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Clock Parts

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When High Torque Movement Clock Hands are Necessary

High torque movement clock hands are, basically, those that are as well hefty and/or also long for an average electric motor to turn adequately. Generally, (minute) clock hands calling for a high torque movement are longer than 5 inches. The dimension is traditionally made from the facility of the installing hole to the pointer.

Yet high torque clock movement minute hands are readily available from suppliers as long as 18 inches. This implies that the size of the equivalent dial is over 3 feet across. Since's a big wall surface clock!

There are, obviously, several, several clocks much less than 1 foot in size. Indeed, there are numerous that a lot of minute hands are well under 6 inches in size. Therefore, the 5-inch restriction for minute hands that can be transformed making use of normal movements is not a severe detriment for the majority of clockmakers.

A greater torque demand calls for more power, draining the battery faster. It is therefore a style factor to consider for the manufacturer to give the minimum quantity of torque that suffices for many instances. Normally, hands made of different products differ somewhat in their weights, but the five-inch restriction serves as a practical criteria tipping factor.

Now, the primary purpose of clock hands is to report the moment, with imaginative as well as stylistic declarations taking a back seat. Nevertheless, design can be used tastefully to draw in the eye, assisting in the focus of attention on the function of informing time. So style options definitely belong. high torque continuous sweep movements