Stop the busking bans in Kensington & Chelsea!

Stop the busking bans in Kensington & Chelsea!

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Cllr Marie-Therese Rossi

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Started by Keep Streets Live

Buskers have entertained the public on Portobello Road, in the South Kensington museum district and outside Harrods for many years. These are considered iconic locations for street performers, yet Kensington & Chelsea have introduced a Public Spaces Protection Order which labels this activity as both 'antisocial' and 'detrimental', and a criminal offence.

Home Office guidance is clear that these Orders should not be used to prevent reasonable busking and/or other forms of street entertainment, and it is clear that there are numerous powers available to deal with the small number of performances that are genuinely unreasonable. 

Keep Streets Live have offered to discuss alternatives to this crackdown, which in our professional opinion will make the borough a no-go area for busking. We have worked with many Local Authorities across the country to introduce systems of guidance that are based on dialogue between buskers, businesses and residents, common sense and co-operation, whilst supporting robust enforcement action when necessary. 

The PSPO will not only cause hardship to those who make a living performing in the area, but will substantially reduce its appeal as a vibrant tourist destination. 

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1,959 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!