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Katie Kendrick started this petition to Cllr Angela Claydon (Cabinet Member - Housing) and

This petition is to oppose the proposed planning application for a travellers site near Rivacre, Ellesmere Port

Cheshire West and Chester Council are proposing plans for a £1.1 million Gypsy & Traveller council-run transit site on land previously occupied by the Foxfields pub, Poole Hall Road in Ellesmere Port (CH66 1TD).

The proposed transit site will be a permanent facility intended for temporary stays by Gypsies and Travellers varying between 28 days and three months. 

This site had previously been rejected in 2009.

Residents in the local area STRONGLY oppose this proposal.

We fear the impact of such site on our doorstep.


  • The suggestion of placing a travellers site in this area is not feasible. Not only will it lower house prices, it will cause our insurance premiums to soar over time.
  • Many residents on Rivacre Village estate already have a lot to contend with regarding the Leasehold Scandal which is already having a financial impact on our house prices.
  • We have MASSIVE concerns for our children's safety and our local environment. Local parks will become a safety risk for our children and we will be scared to allow our children to use them.
  • Two new housing estates being built by Anwyl and Persimmon @ Ellesmere Park are being sold with estate management fees for the upkeep of their communal areas.  These areas will be at risk from the proposed Gypsy site and the residents will be left to foot the bill.
  • Evidence confirms an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour around such sites in other areas.
  • A New family pub has just been built for our area so that families can enjoy the local area - this maybe spoilt. 
  • We are living already with the threat of Fracking nearby.
  • The area has had a lot of money spent on it recently to regenerate the area, this will be totally spoilt.


  • 1,100 new homes are currently underway on sites in Ellesmere Port and a further 1,150 are set to be built before 2020.
  • There are three new housing estates in the immediate vicinity. Two are still being built by Anwyl and Persimmon @ Ellesmere Park.
  • The Development board, in partnership with marketing Cheshire recently launched "the Port the Place" a promotional campaign to target homes buyers and boost the towns reputation on a superb place to live - It certainly will not be "the place to live" if this goes ahead.

The residents oppose this proposal. We want a full impact assessment to be carried out.  We want statistical evidence from other Transit sites regarding crime rates and reported incidents.  

We will not sit back and let our homes be thrown away for the sake of a gypsy site being built on our doorstep.  

We want to live in a community that has a "community spirit" and one that our children are safe to play out in. 

We will not allow our objection to be ignored by the council.

Please email your concerns to our Councillor Diane Roberts (Lab, Netherpool ward)(  

Diane Roberts told members: “I must say that I am shocked and dismayed by this proposal and I know this will be echoed in the community. Today I’m asking members to reconsider and to bear in mind that Netherpool, a small ward, already contains one traveller site.”


Please subscribe to updates on this petition as this is the first step to opposing this outrageous proposal.  Further details and actions to follow...……



0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!