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Keep the Langar waste recycling site open

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27th February 2014.
Despite over 2300 people signing a combination of this online petition and the paper ones, Nottinghamshire County Council today approved their Budget which includes the closure of Langar recycling centre.

However, it will remain open through 2014 into 2015. We have convinced the council to continue to look at other options to minimise inconvenience to users.

So, PLEASE CONTINUE TO USE the facility and encourage others to. We know it's essential and good, so let's prove this even more!

Thank you again for your interest and support with this campaign.


Update 15th February

I am keeping this open as we approach the Budget meeting on 27th February.  I still don't know whether the leadership at the county council will have a rethink about this plan.

My colleagues and I have been talking to third parties to see whether there are viable alternative arrangements available should the closure go ahead.  We're doing our best.  Thank you again for your interest and support.


Update 16th January

We had the full county council meeting today, and presented this petition with the 1587 signatures.  Also, I presented the paper petition that has been in various shops, which had over 600 signatures.  Thank you again for your support with this.

I am keeping this online petition open for another few weeks up to the budget day in February, so please keep spreading the word.


One thing that perhaps needs clarifying - some people think it is Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) planning to close the site.  It is actually Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) who is proposing to close it. RBC would be unhappy about it closing, because it would be them who would have to collect flytipping that might occur!


 Please see below for more info about our campaign.  Thank you.


The household waste recycling centre at Langar is a well used facility for residents of Langar, Barnstone, Cotgrave, The Cropwells, Bingham, Radcliffe on Trent and other villages in the area.

Nottinghamshire County Council have announced that they plan to close this centre down as part of their 2014 budget. This is an outrageous idea! It is the only facility in the immediate area, is well used, efficient and user-friendly. And it is ironic that the county council has committed to increasing recycling over the next few years and "to make facilities available to help residents achieve this."

We know that savings have to be made, but this will cause much inconvenience to residents and users, as well as a real risk of fly tipping.  And if flytipping does take place, then the councils and us will all end up paying for it to be cleared up.

When I was the Cabinet member for the Environment (up to last May), if this had been suggested to me, I would have thrown the idea out straightaway! Closing it will not actually save much money, in the greater scheme of things. (Approx £300,000 a year) Responsible residents who wish to carry on "doing their bit" for recycling, will have to travel much further distances, using more fuel.  That's not a good message for the environment, let alone cost!

As well as signing this petition, you can also email the decision makers directly with your comments.  The names you need are Cllr Alan Rhodes (Leader of the council), Cllr Jim Creamer (Chairman of the Environment & Sustainability committee) Their emails are: and 

Thank you.

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