Let's do something about the Fiveways junction on the A20/Sidcup Road

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The junction at Fiveways/A20/Sidcup Road is a death trap and something needs to be done about it for the sake of ourselves and our children.

The traffic going towards London now forms 3 lanes if turning right therefore blocking the flow of traffic trying to go straight ahead.  If they don't form 3 lanes they form 2 and the speed of traffic going straight on almost collide into the rear of the stationery traffic.

Turning right from London at the junction is very dangerous.  There is no way of knowing if the lights have turned red so you have to sit and wait until the traffic has stopped and then the traffic from Southwood Road drives ahead before you get a chance to turn right sometimes leaving you in the middle of the junction with nowhere to go.  There needs to be a traffic light in order to see the lights turn red but then many cars jump the red light going towards London anyway so this does not always make it safe.

Suggestions:  A filter light turning right into Green Lane and Southwood Road London Bound.

Traffic lights at the junction from London in order that drivers can see the lights have turned red.

More cameras that actually work that capture drivers jumping the lights in particular London bound on the A20/Sidcup Road and Southwood Road.


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