Boycott/Shutdown Downtown Debauchary Inc. (Bar in Melbourne, FL)

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PLEASE SIGN to warn others and raise awareness for women to be careful in the women’s restroom in Debauchery and to take extra safety precautions in general when out.  This place has had many incidents over the years and SHOULD BE SHUTDOWN!

My girlfriend was negligently mistreated and removed from an establishment she was willfully leaving. Thankfully, she was not wearing a dress or a skirt as she normally does because we had just gotten out of work.


1) A male employee should not be able to enter a women’s restroom unannounced and follow them into a stall when no problem is occurring.  Who knows what could go on if the woman was alone.

2). A male bouncer/employee should not be able to touch a female patron and force them out a place they had permission to be in in the first place without first giving them a change to leave willfully.

3). Also, how can another female (bartender) think it was ok for her male counterparts to drag another female across the floor so violently instead of just carrying her out if there really was a problem?

4). What grounds did they have to trespass her before they decided to remove her for no apparent reason?

How would you feel watching someone you love being dragged by a group of men so forcefully?

The story:

On the early morning of May 26, 2018, I witnessed a group of men (bouncers/employees) drag my girlfriend across the bar floor (Downtown Debauchery Inc. - Melbourne, FL) and thrown out onto the sidewalk. My girlfriend was not intoxicated (officer on the scene would confirm it) or refusing to leave.

She lost her tennis shoes off her feet, her cellphone, and wallet in the process. We stood there begged and pleaded for at least her things back. Thankfully, one of them returns them.

I was already standing outside of Debauchery as around 1:45 am, a line of employees were making their way from the back of the bar towards the exit yelling at everyone to get out! I have never witness that at an establishment before, where they were creating a barrier and so adamant about forcing people to leave so early before 2 am. No one seemed to be refusing to leave or causing any trouble.

This all started when my girlfriend and a female co-worker of ours had to use the restroom before we were leaving. I sat at a table near the exit to wait for them. I walked outside when they started yelling at us to get out.

My girlfriend and our co-worker walked up to
a group of employees that were blocking the back area where the restrooms were. Our co-worker asked permission if they could use the restroom before they left. Our co-worker says a balding, short Hispanic guy with a goatee said “oh for you ok” and he proceeded to remove the trash cans that were blocking the women’s restroom. (He wasn’t wearing the same black uniforms as the other employees but he was standing in the back talking to all of them. He may have been a manager who knows).

They entered the restroom and walked into the stall and before my girlfriend could close the stall door, a male bouncer (wearing a hat with a small pony tail underneath it) came yelling and screaming that they had to leave. She informed him they were given permission to use the restroom before leaving . The male bouncer put his hands on her pushing her out of the stall, whilst saying “This is me being nice!” She informed him in a shocked an outraged manner that he may not put his hands on her and she did not think he should push WOMEN out of the WOMEN’s restroom. So feeling threaten as this man was touching her, she figured in a non-violent way she would (without touching him) knocked his cap off. So that while he was retrieving the hat, she could leave the restroom without him touching her.

He bent down to pick up his hat and she began to proceed her way to the the door of the women’s restroom. Feeling violated, she turned to spit on the floor of the restroom walkway (not anywhere near him or any other person) to show her disgust at him and the situation that had just occurred. Women should not be treated in this way in a WOMEN’S restroom, especially after being given permission to use said restroom.

She walked out the restroom and was walking towards the exit of Debauchery and all of a sudden she feels someone from behind pull both her arms behind her back. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed. She then feels two more sets of hands or so on her arms. She is then immediately forced hardly and violently to the ground, without warring or proper reason. With extreme force what felt like three grown men pulled her to the ground and dragged her across the main floor. Afraid and hurt, she screamed loudly, “HELP! BABE! NATALIE! NATALIE HELP! to help her.

I was already standing outside and the short female bartender comes and yelling at someone to call the cops because there is a crazy person in here (of course she seems crazy, your male counterparts just used unnecessary force to remove her from a place she was willfully leaving).

After the female bartender said that, I look back inside and see my girlfriend being dragged by these men. I run back inside to try and slow the situation down and see what happened. They pushed us back towards the exit and out onto the sidewalk. They just stood there in a group almost smirking about it. The original bouncer (hat and small pony tail underneath) kept repeating to her “That was me being nice.”


My girlfriend was covered was covered in bruises and a few scratches after this incident.  She has been emotional traumatized at the fact a group of men forcefully dragged her out of an establishment she was willfully leaving.

My girlfriend was given a trespass warning after the incident. 

We spoke with an officer and he gave us advice on how to proceed. Also, he said Debauchery is a “s*** hole,” is uncooperative, and is definitely one of the places to avoid in Downtown Melbourne. For our safety, we should never step foot in there again. Trust me we will take his advice.

I thank God more serious injuries did not occurred and she is still here with me.

Be careful and stay away from that place.