Cleveland TN city limits to allow pot bellied pigs.

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Currently, in Cleveland TN, all swine is prohibited within the city limits. Unfortunately, pot bellied pigs fall under this category even though they are not farm hogs, they are house pets. These pigs are intelligent, I trained my Nugget very quickly and easily. She was outdoor potty trained in 2 weeks, much faster and easier than any dog I have ever owned. I have read that they are ranked 5th in intelligence, number 1 being human. Pigs are not only emotional themselves, but in tune to their owner’s emotion as well. Nugget knows when someone is upset and she responds with extra cuddles and attention. They make excellent emotional support companions. She is getting the best of love and care while away, but she misses her family dearly and we want her home. Pigs are hypoallergenic, they typically blow their coat once a year and it happens much quicker then shedding from other house pets and is easy to clean up. They often spend the summer bald and beautiful. They are not aggressive toward people, in fact they are prey animals and are often very afraid around those that are not apart of the household. Pot bellied pigs are smaller than a large dog, my nugget is around 50 pounds, 13 inches tall, and 33 inches long at 2 years old. They are not fully grown until 5 years old, however, they are most often still smaller than a large breed dog..they just pack a lot of weight in a small amount of space. Plenty are in need of rescue, adoption, and help. This help could be done Inside the city limits with those that are able. My Nugget did not root up my yard, she does not stink, my neighbors did not complain, just merely having her is not allowed. I came across her at only 3 weeks old not being properly cared for and I took her in, she is not a pet I sought out and bought from a breeder. She is now very healthy and spayed. There are chickens in the city limits and I’ve even seen a pony, apparently most farm type animals are allowed as long as they have their needs met.  My Nugget needs to be home, where her needs are met without nuisance to the city. Bigger cities than ours has made this change, its time we do too.