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Support a Trap Neuter Return and Maintain program in Vaughan

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Most communities in the GTA and in Ontario, have already moved to or will be moving to becoming compassionate communities that support a TNRM program. Most communities understand that action must be taken to reduce the number of stray or feral community cats by allowing for a humane way to reduce their numbers over time, through a TNR program. Vaughan Animal Services MUST change their philosophy and move to becoming a NO-KILL facility.  Vaughan Animal Services plans to go out and actively trap at a colony or colonies of homeless cats and euthanize them.  These cats have colony feeders and are living peacefully without bothering others.  Vaughan Animal Services plans to trap and kill them for being homeless.

By-Law  53-2002, lacks a definition of a feral or community cat and this needs to be included as specific and unique. The definition of "Running at Large" speaks to owned cats, but does not adequately address the issue of stray or feral cats. If a feral cat who may have been TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) and is microchipped and residing in its maintained colony, if that cat is impounded, the colony caretaker will have the opportunity to have the cat returned to the colony without being destroyed and without payment of an impound fee.

By-Law  52-2014, I am concerned with Part 11.4, subsection 1, which speaks to the Feeding of Wildlife and "prohibits the feeding of any feral or stray domestic animal on private or public property". City of Vaughan ought to support a TNR program, which is always managed by volunteers, community members and local rescue groups.  Colony caretakers feed and care for community cats in Vaughan at their own expense and without the support of Vaughan taxpayers or VAS.  Recently, colony caretakers have been threatened with fines of $300 if they continue to feed any feral cats.

Vaughan must be a caring and compassionate community who cares for all of our homeless community cats.

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