Iceland's recent advert on palm oil has been banned and we need to change this!

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Iceland recently released their annual Christmas advert showing how a little Orangutan has been affected by production of palm oil which resulted in it being banned before it even reached our screens! Palm oil is a product that can be found in nearly all items from food to toiletries but large amounts of forests are cut and burned down to do this killing hundreds of Orangutans in the process.

Iceland is one of the few shopping chains that do not use palm oil in their products in an attempt to conserve the Orangutan species and others need to follow this. The advert is showing us the affects palm oil has on animals through a moving poem and an animation to accompany it which is a message people of all ages need to receive, therefore should be allowed to be seen through television. Palm oil doesn't affect the foods we eat but rather the brands we buy. Signing the petition will help spread the awareness to protect the planet.

Personal story
As Animal Care Students at Grimsby Institute, we believe strongly in the conservation of all species and want to bring this moving advert to our screens to show everyone this message! Our goal is to bring back this advert and show you all the heart breaking information that we learn about. Please sign and share this petition and watch the advert as it is a very empowering animation!