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The American public is hungry for knowledge about the truth behind food production- and they have a right to know! Each year, World Day for Farmed Animals seeks to expose the public to the unpleasant realities faced by animals used for meat, dairy and eggs.

That's why we were shocked and disappointed to learn that Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings has deemed 4 billboard concepts unfit for their Public Service Announcement (PSA) program in every market of the country - even when an age-specific warning for graphic material was added to the website. Attempts to clarify what steps could be taken to modify the billboards went unanswered by Clear Channel.

World Day for Farmed Animals is October 2, so we need your help urgently in asking Clear Channel to accept our ads into their PSA program rather than censoring our message of compassion for all.

Animal agribusiness goes to great lengths to hide their operations. The shocking truth includes practices such as:
- Baby animals being taken from their mothers at birth, only to be killed immediately or raised in confinement
- Painful castration of piglets, branding of cows, and searing off of chicken's beaks
- A gruesome and terrifying slaughter, often while fully conscious


Recent attempts to pass "ag-gag" legislation banning the videography and photography of animal operations is a clear demonstration of this larger attempt to keep consumers in the dark. And given that these attempted laws failed in all 11 states they were introduced in this year, it is just as clear that the public won't allow this information to be hidden.

Sign the petition now to join the growing movement demanding transparency in our food production system. Tell Clear Channel to accept FARM's PSA's, which meet the standards they've previously set for our educational billboards.

And, if you're still in the dark about animal agribusiness, you can educate yourself with a short video at

Letter to
CEO of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings William Eccleshare
Communications VP of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Jason King
Chief Communications Officer of Clear Channel Communications Lisa Dollinger
and 1 other
General Counsel of Clear Channel Communications Robert H. Walls
I am contacting you to urge you to allow billboards that expose the injustices of animal agribusiness into your Public Service Announcement (PSA) program.

Like the majority of Americans, I am concerned over the plight of farmed animals. The most accessible tool I have for learning what happens behind closed doors is video footage taken by undercover investigators.

That is why I am so disappointed to learn that Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings is refusing to air PSA's directing people towards a website by Farm Animal Rights Movement that showcases this documentary footage.

Clear Channel has the chance to be a leader and to champion transparency by including this necessary message in its PSA program. Please consider a nation-wide reversal of your decision not to include these billboards.

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