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Change the restriction age to watch Rated R movies

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Why is it that teenagers have to wait until they turn seventeen to buy Rated R movie tickets? As a sixteen year old I do not understand the legitimacy of having to wait a whole other year to have the privilege of going to see a rated R movie. All of my friends are already seventeen and do not have this issue however; it is a pain for me because I can’t go watch a rated R movie with them. There are several reasons why sixteen year olds should be allowed to by their own tickets legally, one being that the government allows us to get our licenses, which comes with greater responsibility than watching R movies.
Having your license is a huge responsibility not only because there are safety issues involved, but also because your parents have to trust that you won’t go behind their backs and do something you should not be doing. If your parents allow you to get your license then they are allowing you to have a certain amount of freedom. In the United States, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), through the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA), issues ratings for movies. The CARA says that the reason the reason sixteen year olds and younger can’t watch rated R movies is because of violent scenes, disturbing images, and bad language, but what CARA does not understand is that the government allows teenagers to drive a that can ultimately lead to harmful injuries and deaths. Giving sixteen year olds the right to watch rated R movies should be the least of their concerns. People mature at different ages and knowing what is appropriate for a person to be seeing is not a universal thing that you can put a restricting age on. Parents or guardians should be the people who have control over what you watch and give you the permission to see something or not.
If CARA is worried about parents or guardians not letting their children watch these movies, then maybe instead of making it completely illegal, they should make a permission slip that needs to be signed by the teenagers’ parent or guardian. If your parents let you see these kinds of movies then there should not be a problem. Cara should also realize that kids are constantly buying tickets to PG-13 movies so they can sneak into a rated R one. You can’t control what kids watch and when they watch it. Researchers from Dartmouth Medical School estimate more than 2.5 million children ages 10 to 14 watch the typical violent, R-rated movie. Adults asked 6,522 children if they had seen rated R movies from a list of 534 released in the past few years that had many violent and graphic and found that, on average, 12.5% of kids had seen each movie. Also it is important to note that movie companies will benefit from a change because if more teenagers are able to purchase their tickets, movie companies will get more money.
Please sign my petition and join me in trying to allow teenagers under the age of 17 to be permitted to watch rated R movies in theatres.


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