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Sampson County fined $4,800 for Shelter Violations

A Sampson Independent article dated April 4, 2018 reported on improper and probable illegal conduct by employees at the Sampson County Animal Shelter.

According to the article The Animal Welfare Section (AWS) of the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Veterinary Division informed County officials about shelter rules violations. The March 12 letter from Dr. Norris assessed a civil penalty of $4,800.”

A state inspector documented evidence of employee wrongdoing and the mistreatment of animals. It is widely known that this type of mistreatment and animal cruelty has gone on for too long. County management has continuously denied any wrongdoing and prevented the public from knowing what goes on behind the closed doors of the animal shelter.  

Citizens, have for years, repeatedly asked county officials to investigate animal cruelty by shelter employees and to terminate guilty employees.

Taxpayers have a right and county officials have a responsibility to staff the shelter with experienced professional employees who treat all animals humanely.

The Department of Agriculture shelter report and fine has finally brought the problems out into the open.    

Continuous denials of wrongdoing by the county will no longer work.

The employees responsible for this animal cruelty and the numerous violations of the state shelter rules and NC laws must be terminated now

Citizens, taxpayers, and voters want an animal shelter to be proud of. A shelter that treats animals kindly, the way you would want your pet treated.

On behalf of the citizens and animals of Sampson County, this petition requests immediate action by county officials.  Following are some of the actions that must be taken by the county to create a humane and professionally operated animal shelter:

1.    Immediately terminate the shelter director and other employees responsible for the mistreatment of animals.

2.     Bring in a veterinarian or an experienced shelter manager to temporarily serve as Director while a replacement Director is hired.

3.     Order a review of all aspects of shelter operation by independent professionals.

4.     Agree to address and correct all problems that are identified

5.     Identify and terminate all employees involved in repeated acts of animal cruelty.

6.     Hire a qualified shelter manager/director who has the experience necessary to manage a shelter where the interests of the animals and the public come first.

7.     Guarantee that all animals have the proper type and amount of food.

8.     Monitor holding times to insure that state and county holding times are met.

9.     Establish immediate medical care that is available when needed.

10.  Have a shelter veterinarian monitor euthanasia procedures to insure that animals are handled and killed in a humane manner.

11.  Establish on site oversight by county management employees who are not connected with the shelter to prevent employee misconduct and wrongdoing

        a.     Install Video monitoring equipment to document the care of animals.

12.  Initiate random visits by County Commissioners

13.  Conduct an independent facility evaluation to determine present and future physical needs.

14.  Establish a Citizen Animal Advisory Board

15.  Increase adoptions and decrease the number of animals euthanized.

16.  Establish a strict accountability policy for employee wrongdoing must be established.

It is past time for the county to open the shelter to its owners (the taxpayers) and to establish transparency and meaningful oversight.

 Sampson County citizens want their animal shelter fixed now. No more delays and no more stonewalling are acceptable.

 Citizen input must be requested. Citizens should be asked to observe the shelter operations and to participate in finding the best ways to establish meaningful oversight to stop animal mistreatment.

 Citizen participation should be sought to make the animal shelter an animal and people friendly county facility.

Ask the County Commissioners and County Manager to - Fix the Shelter Now :

Write or Call - (910) 592-6308

Clark Wooten, Chairman

Sue Lee, Vice Chairperson

Thaddeus L. Godwin

Jerol Kivett

Harry L. Parker

Edwin W. Causey - County Manager

Susan J. Holder- Assistant County Manager

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